With the release of the globally-renowned video game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Activision celebrated by hosting an internal launch party for its employees who had been creating the project for almost a year. JJLA transformed a local bar and its adjacent parking lot into a military base allowing guests to feel as if they were in the game themselves. With sand colored turf, sandbag arches and cocktail tables made out out of shipping crates and oil barrels, it was impossible to not get lost in the theme. Challenged with an abnormally cold night in Venice, JJLA used the weather to its advantage and created additional decor with flame showing heaters, hinting at a war zone. 

Upon arrival, guests were gifted with boonie hats and faux beards to dress themselves as main character, Captain Price. Activations were on brand including a cigar rolling station and a 2V2 pop up which allowed employees to play each other live in front of the entire party for the first time. In addition to these, JJLA took the modern from Modern Warfare and upped the Photo Booth experience with a night vision 6 second video op for guests to share to social media. JJLA takes pride in supporting local businesses. With the being said, while guests sipped on COD themed cocktails, they also enjoyed food from neighboring restaurants. 

Set on the famous Abbott Kinney Blvd, under a perfect Venice sunset, it was memorable night to celebrate the team at Activision.

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