In celebration of one of the largest black communities on the west coast, Destination Crenshaw creates a central hub to showcase local education, arts and culture, history and community to a gentrifying neighborhood in South Los Angeles through 1.3 miles of outdoor exhibits. JJLA had the pleasure to curate multiple activations based on Destination Crenshaw’s four Organizing Themes: Improvisation, Firsts, Dreams and Togetherness, to enhance the overall event experience for guests including local celebrities including Issa Rae , LA City & Statewide leadership, and numerous investors.

The event began with the designing of the Groundbreaking Ceremony to highlight donors at the construction site to break ground on the renovation, and a gallery hedge wall to develop a title treatment for the event and the information desk. The activations delved into the overarching themes in the re-creation of two telephone booths for guests to share “Stories of Black LA,” through a recording session to share what makes Crenshaw home and to highlight the Dreams theme of Destination Crenshaw. An interactive push pin world map displayed the “Journey to Black LA” to display the theme Togetherness, and to show the migration from other parts of the world into Black LA. JJLA tied the event together by designing out the focal point of the event, the Sankofa Supermall – a compilation of local retail vendors, customizable screen printing by Supervsn and Destination Crenshaw branded apparel. With the purpose to cultivate pride to the community, Destination Crenshaw’s mission has just begun.

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