On Tuesday November 14th, JJLA produced Warner Records’ and Dua Lipa’s Los Angeles Houdini Single release fan experience. This event was one of three global single release events between London and Tokyo.

The event welcomed 500 guests to the iconic Houdini Estate, nestled in Lauryl Canyon, to experience a night of activations, music, escape rooms, and a special guest appearance from the pop star Dua Lipa herself.

The enormous Houdini Estate consisted of three levels of activities. Upon arrival, guests ventured through Youtube Shorts’ fully immersive experience installation which allowed them to create their own high-quality short videos. Guests then flowed and were able to take photos in front of the large, single-cover-printed backdrop.

Attendees were then invited to ascend the historic stairs through a neon lit garden to find themselves in the ‘Reflective Lounge’ at the Estate’s Grand Lawn. The space was adorned in mirrored furniture and bars, and illuminated by cover art inspired neon orange and yellow lights. This area featured three Patron sponsored bars serving signature Dua Lipa themed cocktails with both color changing properties and smoking effects. The highlight of the Reflective Lounge was the stage which blasted tunes from DJ Heidi Lawden all night long.

On the highest level of Houdini’s hilltop estate, attendees could grab a bite at one of the two food trucks which featured Dua Lipa themed meals as well as a fourth full bar. The main event of this area was the escape room which took place in Harry Houdini’s home. Guests were invited inside to solve the escape room puzzle to unlock a secret bookcase passageway, leading them to a neon, mirror filled room blasting Dua Lipa’s ‘Houdini’ single!

Towards the end of the night, escape room guests were in for a major surprise as Dua Lipa herself appeared in the room as if by magic. The pop star helped the guests solve the escape room puzzle and lead them to the secret mirrored room.

After making her surprise appearance to a select few, Dua made her way down to the DJ booth to greet the hundreds of guests in the crowd. She then played her new hit single ‘Houdini’ and the fans danced the night away!

Photos courtesy of Vivien Killilea and Getty Images

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