After a two-year pandemic hiatus, Insomniac’s Electric Daisy Carnival came back in 2021 celebrating its 25th Anniversary with gratitude and joy! The annual flagship 3-night EDM festival was held at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and welcomed 150,000 eager attendees, aka the festival’s dedicated “Headliners,” who enthusiastically celebrated a return to in-person connection and creativity..

JJLA was commissioned to design and outfit the Artist Compound + Lounge, the Maverick VIP Helipad Lounge and the VIP Shuttle Lounge. JJLA embraced the challenge of creating multiple destination spaces with different aesthetics across the festival. Combining production artistry and efficiency, JJLA divided and conquered the load-in in just under a week, despite the “October surprise” of 50+ mph winds..

The 2021 Artist Compound + Lounge created a private space for festival talent to relax, get inspired, and experience the whimsy of the festival both pre- and post-performance. After spending time in their comfy, decorated dressing rooms, artists could stroll the Compound Courtyard + Lounge which featured not just one, but three photo-worthy moments designed to capture the ‘The Artist Grateful Lounge’ theme. A larger-than-life Grateful Guy, a cozy Grateful Wall, and a moveable Eye Guy who changed locations daily encouraged post-worthy moments, continuing the festival’s creative direction while providing ‘wow’ factors.

Artists were cared for on all levels in the Compound, which featured stunning, panoramic views of the entire festival! After entering through the Liquid Lounge and grabbing a drink, they could explore the Noom Lounge for tasty treats or get a quick trim in the Faded “barber” Lounge. Another unique element of the Compound was ‘Paz’ Bedroom,’ a fabrication of CEO Pasquale Rotellas’ bedroom that showcased Insomniac TV interviews with world-famous DJs. They could also celebrate the release of EDCs ‘World Party’ at the Roblox Activation. Once ready for their sets, they could visit the OM Lounges ‘IV drip + massage’ before heading down to their stages to perform…or stop there on the way back for a post-show pick me up.

JJLA was grateful to be a part of the Insomniacs’ return to the desert, creating more magical moments fusing nature and technology under the electric sky at EDC Las Vegas!

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