At the end of 2021 JJLA went on the road with Equality California’s annual Equality Awards Event Series. With over 900,000 members, EQCA is the largest statewide LGBTQIA+ organization in the United States.
Focusing on EQCA’s major donor markets across Northern California, Southern California, and Nevada, JJLA produced six reimagined Awards Shows, each with a focus on meeting fundraising goals and creating unique experiences in out-of-the-box hybrid indoor/outdoor venues to keep our LGBTQIA+ communities safe and healthy.

JJLA kept entertainment and community engagement top of mind by securing talented musicians and performers for each event , including pop artist VINCINT, RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 11 Winner Yvie Oddly, and American Idol’s Mikalah Gordon. Additional creative responsibilities included fully scripting each program and devising the Run of Show. On top of that, the JJLA team sourced all food and beverage, floral arrangements and decor.

The JJLA events team took pride in taking the concept of showcasing each EQCA region from just an idea to a fully formed, beautifully executed reality.

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