JJLA worked with Rogers & Cowan and the newly launched JASMIN brand on creating a unique and interactive traveling art exhibit. Using inspiration from the JASMIN brand and modern contemporary art galleries, JJLA built a massive 2 story structure made up of 3 8’ x 50’ containers. The exhibit took you on a journey that started off with a kiosk that allowed users to enter or pick a “Power Word” that best defined what makes them so strong. This word would show up on the wall behind them along with other users “Power Word’s”. After walking through a LED light tunnel attendees would be transported into a contemporary art gallery which featured art collaborations between JASMIN and artists RAPHAEL VICENZI, ALBERTO SEVESO, & HUGO VALENTINE. They would then be able to experience the jasmin.com mobile site on massive touch screen panels. The interactive tech gets taken to a new level of creative when they get to experience an influencer’s dream photo-op that featured a LED wall backdrop with floating touch screens that allowed users to touch any one of the screens to change the overall theme shown on the screens. After enjoying all the art and interactive moments guests could walk up the stairs to a second story lounge area where JASMIN hosted live panels, cocktail parties and influencer launch parties. The initial tour and special attraction kicked off in Fall 2019 with a 3-city PR launch to Las Vegas, Los Angeles & Miami and will embark on a greater US tour in 2020.

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