MAC’s ULTA FLC booth aimed to promote MAC’s Hyper Real and StudioFix brands, while expressing MAC’s unique edge as an industry-leading cosmetics brand. JJLA created an interactive, unique and dynamic booth, reflecting the essential qualities of MAC Cosmetics’ style.

FLC attendees were surprised and excited to visit the MAC booth. Greeted by an interactive experience, booth visitors were invited to play a MAC-branded game and win MAC Cosmetics. They approached interactive digital displays, mounted on sequence walls, and created digital makeup makeovers. A portion of the booth was equipped with a makeup station, where guests could try MAC products themselves, or with the assistance of a MAC professional.

Like the vibrant pop colors of MAC’s lipsticks and the rich tones of their foundations, the booth was meant to be eye-catching and playful. Elements that set this booth apart from previous MAC booths, and other booths at the ULTA FLC Convention, included a red, 10’ x 20’ shimmer wall—complete with two vertical, digital displays—a floral, vinyl print wall celebrating the Hyper Real brand, and a spinning table game. To make the game even more MAC, JJLA created a custom vinyl, printed with the MAC StudioFix brand foundation colors for a Wheel-of-Fortune-style effect.

JJLA successfully imagined and delivered a custom, branded product while navigating a prestigious client’s shifting needs and vision. Through several iterations of this booth, JJLA created and refined a booth that truly shone through the others, making MAC a stand-out brand at the 2023 ULTA FLC.

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