If you think acclaimed celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay is only known for his harsh critiques and sour attitude, think again! The Emmy-nominated host of Fox’s acclaimed series MasterChef Jr. was nothing but sweet, literally, at a special “For Your Children” consideration event hosted by JJLA client EndemolShine. The snarky chef had a cheerful cherry-on-top attitude as he made homemade strawberry shortcake with nearly 100 children at an invite-only event at  West Hollywood hotspot Au Fudge. As if the personalized cooking lesson wasn’t enough, Chef Ramsay had himself doused in gallons of ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and toppings by his “sous-chefs,” becoming a truly delightful human hot fudge sundae … likely as tasty as his signature dishes! JJLA oversaw all event planning, management and production for the stunt, which streamed to Facebook live and garnered over 1 million unique views!

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