Mexican Geniuses conjures a fully immersive experience from the lives of the two most successful North American surrealists of the 20th century. The works and worlds of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera are brought to life through mixed media, projections and VR, in this towering retrospective.

Guests enter “Diego’s Workshop” through a life-sized recreation of its iconic façade and are dwarfed by larger-than-life reproductions of his famous skeletons and paper mâché sculptures. The space is replete with furniture and objects from both his and Frida’s lives. A massive projection wall spans the length of the room and animates a time-lapse detailing the creation of one of Diego’s most famous murals.

Another space recreates Frida’s kitchen, where guests can read her recipes, hold her kitchen tools, and feel what it was like to be in one of the artist’s favorite and most intimate places. Reproductions of her work inspired by the culinary culture of Mexico adorn the walls and shape attendees’ understanding of how the artist saw the world.

In the massive projection space, a multimedia journey composed of Frida’s art and elements of her life’s story envelop the audience, who are invited to kick back in beanbags and take-in her unbelievable journey.

The work of these artists is further transformed by an original VR experience, wherein guests can virtually interact with the art.

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