In collaboration with Fever and Netflix, JJLA produced, managed, designed and directed Money Heist: The Experience, in Miami and New York. Based on the Netflix hit series Money Heist, over 20,000 guests were recruited to pull off an international heist in this site-specific adventure.

This fully immersive and theatrical experience ran like an amusement park ride, with a new show beginning every 12 minutes. This allowed for The Experience to accommodate up to 1,000 guests per day. Guests were led through the show by 8 characters played by 40 actors who rotated through the shows. The storyline, which was based on the television show, included action scenes, hostage-like scenarios and even a love-story. This required an ensemble of versatile performers, so the first step for JJLA in realizing The Experience was building an acting company from the ground up that could handle the unique needs of the show.

Once casting was complete, JJLA’s focus turned to creating the physical world of Money Heist: The Experience, including venue, set design and theatrical production. JJLA carefully selected notable locations to create the perfect environment to house the immersive experiences. In Miami, the Alfred Dupont Building, a historic 17-story Art Deco skyscraper equipped with a 2,000 square foot bank vault, became home to The Experience. Not to be outdone, Brooklyn’s Experience was created in the historic One Hanson Place, Brooklyn’s clock tower – formerly the Williamsburg Savings Bank – and home to a 60-ton vault.

With one month to go before Opening Day, JJLA’s fabrication team went to work transforming the spaces into 9 playing areas, each designed to captivate guests from the moment they stepped in the door. Immersive elements played out all the way through The Experience, including the finale: an escape-room-like scenario where guests had to find their way to the hidden vault without getting caught.

After successfully “escaping,” guests were welcomed into a Grand Ball with themed cocktails and photo opportunities staged and created by the fabrication team.

JJLA’s combination of live theater, immersive production elements, and large-scale fabrication created an experience that left superfans of the show energized and feeling connected to the world of Money Heist.

With Miami shows through October of 2021, and Brooklyn shows extended through April 2022, Money Heist: The Experience was named Number One by CNN on their list of “the best immersive experiences around the world you need to visit”.

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