OUTLOUD, JJLA’s owned and operated event brand was set to launch as a live event series at in March 2020 at SXSW in Austin,TX.With the cancellation of the event due to the worldwide pandemic, JJLA quickly pivoted its event series to a digital platform, creating OUTLOUD: Raising Voices, kicking off

it’s series with its SXSW musical line-up on Facebook.The digital concert series would prove to be a success, garnering views and giving a platform to marginalized voices and a space for a community to come together during a difficult time in the world.

OUTLOUD: Raising Voices is a digital series celebrating the artistry, identity and inclusiveness of up-and-coming and established talent within the LGBTQIA+ community.

Each episode discovers and promotes emerging LGBTQ talent, dropping new releases, EPs and albums for some of the community’s biggest artists and allies.

Season One of OUTLOUD: Raising Voices premiered in June of 2020. With nearly 1M viewers throughout 9 episodes OUTLOUD was able to reach our audience through targeted ad buys promoting each episode. Using insights from our audience we also designed a campaign to increase the growth of the newly established community.

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