OUTLOUD Spotlight represents the next generation of up-and-coming Queer artists. In 2022, we featured 70 LGBTQIA+ live music performances, special guest appearances, and interactive games through a bi-weekly show for our Twitch viewers globally. Reaching 6.72 million live viewers in our two-year partnership with Twitch, OUTLOUD created a unique Queer space that otherwise would not exist and demonstrated the need for community-centered live music content.

As a part of closing out this year’s partnership, OUTLOUD Spotlight returns to hosting in-person live events. Through the annual OUTLOUD music festival and in-person Spotlight events, we reached over 30,000 LA-local community members and event attendees. Our irreplicable approach to live music and music talk content welcomes all walks of life to become allies and celebrate their identities. OUTLOUD is poised to expand its reach and programming variety further in 2023.

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