For their 2023 event, Swan Bitcoin Pacific turned once again to JJLA for their expertise. With greater than 1200 in attendance, the experience was unmatched by their previous conferences.

This year’s panels and speakers were hosted in the Barker Hangar at Santa Monica Airport. A mainstage was built for the two-day event, featuring custom LED décor and backed by three oversized LED screens. JJLA used custom Bitcoin décor elements to give a unique touch to the VIP section.

The back of the hanger was activated by vendors and sponsors. Swan sought to create a variety of unique environments for attendees to explore, where they could relax, mingle, shop, and learn. Our solution was to design seating areas, each with distinct thematic elements to create distinct venues for conversation. Several of these activations, including Bitcoin Trading Cards and Clean Spark, were clad in custom elements produced by JJLA, and decorated by our trusted vendors. A custom step and repeat, inspired by the beauty of Santa Monica Beach at sunset, was crafted to give attendees a moment of whimsy within the hangar.

Outside the hangar, JJLA installed a basketball court alongside a food truck picnic area, to give the event the feeling of festival fun that Swan was eager to achieve this year. Additionally, JJLA built out a second venue for fireside chats within the Swan Dome—a tented structure dressed in custom Swan décor.

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