The Point Foundation, the nation’s LGBTQ scholarship fund, typically hosts a wide variety of events throughout their calen- dar year, ranging from potential scholar orientations, leadership information sessions, localized fundraisers, as well as two major galas in NY and LA.With COVID-19 causing event cancellations and much uncertainty for the remainder of 2020, The Point Foundation and JJLA quickly pivoted and began to brainstorm new ways to engage donors outside of the typical Zoom or Facebook Live fundraiser.

And thus,The Point Foundation University was born. Utilizing digital design and rendering services previously reserved for showing clients mock-ups of how an event might look in-person, JJLA helped to translate a virtual reality into a fully interactive fundraising tool.The plan was to launch 8 individual microsites that would allow for each of the small fundraiser markets to host their own, unique event. Guests would be emailed the link to peruse and would be able to pass the information on to any other potential donors they felt would be interested in learning more – widening the reach of an event that was typically held in a private home for 75-100 people.

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