Over the last 14 years, Red Bull Batalla has grown into the leading global competition for Spanish freestyle rapping. Every year, Red Bull accepts amateur performers from all over the world and brings them into the limelight, providing an opportunity to be noticed and heard by millions! JJLA was asked to produce the USA National Finals on September 18th, 2021, as 16 competitors battled it out to be crowned the US National Champion.

In addition to livestreaming on Twitch and Red Bull’s very own Red Bull TV, the high-energy 2021 competition had a live audience – a first for the event! Working with two trusted A/V (4Wall) and Audio (MS Events) vendors, JJLA was able to bring the competitors and audience into The Cypher, a 30-foot, 360 Degree LED video ring, where the contestants went head to head. It was a massive production undertaking, and the combination of the live performances, incredible energy from the audience, and sizzling visuals combined to create a dynamic, adrenaline-fueled event consistent with Red Bull’s boundary-pushing brand. As they announced the winner, everyone was up on their feet, cheering for more!

It was a day filled with culture, entertainment and passion. Click the link to watch the full experience here.

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