On April 1st at JJLA produced Red Bull’s Dance Your Style LA dance competition event at 930 Mateo, a warehouse venue in downtown LA.

Red Bull invited 14 dancers to compete in Red Bull Dance Your Style Los Angeles. The event featured a mixed style dance competition where performers of all specialties competed. The crowd would decide who wins via smart bracelets, and the winner of the competition would move on to compete in the Red Bull Dance Your Style National Finals.

In order to stay true to Red Bull’s brand guidelines JJLA lit the space up in red and blue lights and decor. We also vinyl wrapped a 92 foot long beam with RedBull branding, produced a custom Red Bull branded dance floor surrounded by risers, as well as a 60 foot long hedgewall step and repeat adorned with photos of all the participating competitors and talent.

The event flow started with auditions in the afternoon, followed by the main battle bracket competition in the evening, and climaxing with an after party in the night where guests were invited out on the dancefloor while the DJ kept playing. The space housed a retail section with pop up boutiques, an indoor bar, as well as food available in the outside food trucks.

A highlight of the night was the Dance troupe House of Ninja performing before the final battle.

As one of Red Bull’s two global dance events. JJLA achieved the clients expectations by branding everything within Red Bull guidelines and created an eventflow that was seamless and conducive to their dance community.

The event was well attended and the client was thrilled.

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