For Saint John’s 77th, the Foundation chose the theme of the Health Center.  JJLA was challenged in taking what might be expected corporate colors of blue & orange to an elegant gala dinner.  With a mix of luxe velvet shades of blue, accents of copper – the Beverly Hilton Ballroom was transformed. The perimeter of the room was lit with Revelry’s Light Box installations which brought warmth to the space and sparkled against the hammered copper chargers on the table.  Seed Floral was inspired by warm fall colors that continued the copper & gold narrative.

The program of the evening was centered on – a Day at Saint John’s.  This immersive look at the health center’s day to day activities – from a child being born, to life-saving surgery brought an urgency in pace and their cause.  The stage design complimented the day, starting with a dusky early morning, to bright noon, and ending with an iconic Santa Monica sunset, bringing the show to a close.

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